HR Buyer’s Guide – 2 : Can The System Meet All Your Compliance Needs?

hr-human-resourcesWhen you’re looking for an HR system, make sure you’re choosing one that can support you in being compliant with all the relevant legislation. Companies have a lot to live up to in their duties to their employees, and breaches of the rules can cost your pocket, your productivity and your reputation, as well as negatively impacting employee morale. That means you need HR software that can match the needs of your specific regulatory environment, or that can handle multiple regulatory environments if you operate across borders.

How Can HR Software Help With Regulatory Compliance Needs?

You’ll need to  stay compliant with legislation that deals with how you classify your employees, how you take care of their safety, and how you conserve their data. You’ll also face more contemporary pressures like making sure your company’s social media presence is compliant with new legislation, sometimes from multiple chambers in multiple jurisdictions.

One popular solution to the HR compliance problems of a distributed company is cloud-based HR software. This carries the benefit that it’s modular, configurable and non-local, so if your business needs or locations change the software continues to support you. Examples of popular cloud-based HR software include HRCloud, Orangehrm, NaturalHR and PeopleHR.

HR systems can also support regulatory compliance. Zoho Recruit is US/EU Safe Harbor compliant and like many HR tools its privacy policy is available to view online. If you’re in doubt about the ability of a tool to support compliance, privacy policies and FAQs will usually give you that information, allowing you to compare their policies with regulatory requirements in your area of operations manually if necessary.

If compliance is a big issue for your organization, try searching VendorFit by compliance-related  keywords like “HR software with US/EU Safe Harbor Compliant.


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