10 Things You Should Know About HR Software Today

  1.  The most important factor in HR software is no longer the functional feature set, but rather the “degree of user engagement.”
    Josh Bersin’s report highlights that one of the most disruptive changes is the trend toward automating HR practices and integrating systems, making them so easy to use that people think of them as part of their daily life. http://www.forbes.com/sites/joshbersin/2012/08/16/the-move-from-systems-of-record-to-systems-of-engagement/
  2. Since Cloud Technology, it is easier now for organizations to switch HR software vendor.
    The availability of cloud-based software means that companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce.com, Workday, and Netsuite can now serve corporate customers directly and totally upset the businesses developed by Oracle and SAP.

  3. User Interface is one of the most important reasons of HR organizations choice.
    Towers Watson surveyed 628 HR organizations and asked them why they would consider Workday. Amazingly enough, 58% stated they would consider Workday because of it’s user interface, 53% because of it’s lower ongoing costs, and 42% because of it’s global capabilities.
  4. According to the survey on Recruiter.com, most smaller businesses — those with fewer than 1,000 employees — report using a combination of HR software and manual methods. Overall, 68 percent of survey respondents say used both HR software and manual methods.
  5. 40 percent of survey respondents on Recruiter.com said they were looking to increase spending on performance review applications in 2015.
  6. Only 28 percent of survey  respondents on Recruiter.com could access their HR software via mobile technology.
  7. Josh Bersin’s research shows that only 13% of organizations have a single HR system and on average companies have 3-4 different HR applications. Different apps for HRMS, learning, and recruiting for example.
  8. HR software maker Workday’s revenue forecast disappoints, shares fall.
  9. Zenefits Faces Shutdown In Utah For Giving Its Cloud-Based HR Software Away For Free.
  10. Namely, a New York-based maker of human resources software, has raised a $12 million Series B round of funding.


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