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HR Feature List : Recruiting / ATS (Applicant Tracking System) This feature enables to track candidate progress from sourcing to hiring. Benefit Administration /Open

HR Buyer's Guide – 9 : What Type of Security Do I Need?

After you migrate all your existing data over the your new HR software solution, then add to it daily with details about who is

HR Buyer's Guide – 8: What Level Of Post-Sales Support Does the Vendor Offer?

Aftermarket support is a standard provision in the business software market, but some companies provide far better service in this area than others. As

HR Buyer's Guide – 7 : Does The Solution Offer International Features?

Managing HR across a multinational company presents its own challenges. The company need not be very large if it’s diffuse: You’ll still have different

HR Buyer's Guide – 6 : Pricing and Scalability

When you’re considering an HR tool, you need to look at ROI. While great HR software pricing and scalability will undoubtedly save you money,

HR Buyer's Guide – 5 : How Usable Is It?

So you’ve got the best HR software in the world. And it takes six months for your average staffer to learn how to use

HR Buyer's Guide – 4 : Can Your HR Software Be Integrated With Other Applications If Needed?

Business tasks are increasingly automated. And that’s great  – until you get systems that don’t mesh. Then you’re actually making things harder! Many companies

HR Buyer's Guide – 3: Is The Solution Easy To Customize Or Implement?

Changing over to a new system can cause months of chaos. But it doesn’t have to. HR software Ease of Use will solve it.

HR Buyer’s Guide – 2 : Can The System Meet All Your Compliance Needs?

When you’re looking for an HR system, make sure you’re choosing one that can support you in being compliant with all the relevant legislation.

HR Buyer’s Guide – 1: Identify your business needs – now and in the future

HR employees are accustomed to tending to a business’ hiring, dismissal, performance and compensation needs among others. But while some of what great HR