Buyer's Guide 5 : Ecommerce Systems – Third Party Integration


The more you can take advantage of integrations, the more you can shrug off low-value tasks to automated, integrated services and concentrate on higher-value tasks that drive your business forward. So looking for simplifying, value-adding integrations with other software elements makes good business sense.

Integration with specialized marketing software is an excellent place to start. It’s hard to beat a service like MailChimp for this simple, hugely successful avenue: where else can you get an ROI of 4300%? And when it’s integrated into the rest of your ecommerce activities and automated to boot, your involvement is minimal; just set it up and reap the rewards.

But there are other third-party integrations that ecommerce stores can profit from. Outside software like AbandonAid helps prevent the number one money leak in ecommerce: cart abandonment. And to address one of the biggest concerns customers have – and one that makes or breaks over 50% of customer experiences and will give you a strong edge over the 50%+ of ecommerce stores that fail badly in this department – ZopIM lets you talk right to your customers in instant live chat through your website, and it integrates automatically with Google Translate too.

Look for providers like ElasticPath, MaxMind, Kalio or Multidev Technologies to see seamless ecommerce third-party integration in action. Search our use cases to see integration in action, supporting businesses to achieve their goals. Or search VendorFit, the business software search engine, using keywords like ‘ecommerce integration’ to find the right fit.

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