Buyer's Guide 3 : Ecommerce Systems – Ease of Use


The best-performing ecommerce solution in the world isn’t necessarily going to be the best solution for you. Not just because your business needs may differ but because usability is such a big factor. If it has great features but you can’t figure out how to use them, is it better than a simpler provision that’s easier to use?

Usability isn’t a ‘hard’ metric, something that’s measured by an independent scale. If you have a background in tech, a solution might feel very usable, natural and easy. For someone whose background is in visual arts, car parts or some other non-computer field that same solution might seem complex, opaque and unwieldy.

Usability is a necessity. If you’re going to be working with your ecommerce platform day after day it has to be usable to you and your staff.

Starting with provisions that have built a reputation on being easy to use makes sense. So that would be, where they making it easy for retailers with an easy-to-use platform backed by support, resources, forums and a pile of plugins at their own app store. Other big players like Magento have the resources to create killer functionality, but the usability is subjectively lower for the majority of people.

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