How to Integrate Content With Your Social CRM

Businessman pressing social media button on digital mapYour social CRM is all plugged in, set up and ready to roll. But where does content fit in here? Just like any other content marketing model, a social CRM relies on high quality content – but it has to be strategized too.

Ultimately, the same old rules apply: it’s about connections, it’s about quality, and a strategy that reflects that will outperform a ‘strategy’ that deluges your audience with poorly-crafted, ill-timed messages.

Used right, your social CRM will make that a whole lot easier, essentially doing for your content marketing what old-fashioned CRMs did for your sales funnel. To get right down to specifics and actionable tips to enhance the effectiveness of your social CRM, check out this article from the good folks at

To see a range of social CRMs to make content marketing easy and effective, check out VendorFit, the business software search engine.

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