Analyze Big Data: Compare the Options


As it becomes not just possible but unavoidable to collect huge quantities of data about your users, the big question is: how do you pan it for the gold that’s in there? Of course, you have to segment, compare, isolate… Big data is useless until it’s analysed. There are lots of tools out there to help you analyze big data, so how should you choose?

It’s especially hard because many of the tools on the market basically do the same thing, about as well as the competition, in similar ways and at similar price points. So it comes down to matching aspects of provisions against your business. Select a big data analytics tool based on analytic diversity, analyst expertise, data scope, and support for scalability. To do that, it’s important to understand how those factors relate to your business needs. David Loshin at TechCrunch has more.

Selecting the right data analytics tool can be complex, but VendorFit can help you find the right fit!

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