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What’s the Best CRM For Financial Advisors?

Financial Advisors rely on customer relations, just as many other professionals do. Of course, the advice you offer is valuable – but much of

CRM Buyers Guide – 10 : Multi-Language Support

Managers often have to remain on the sidelines as they launch their product into a new demographic with a different language. While you focus

CRM Buyers Guide – 9 : Add-on modules

Regardless of industry or size, a CRM system you can build as you see fit will help your business with different features you may

CRM Buyers Guide – 8 : Ease of Use

Like many new technologies, CRM software was known for being difficult to use when it was new to the businesses world over a decade

CRM Buyers Guide – 7 : Pricing and Scalability

Choosing the right CRM product for your business is an important decision. Many companies would agree that it’s a long-term investment when it comes

CRM Buyers Guide – 6 : Is the CRM System Mobile Compatible?

With so many businesses offering bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to their employees, work forces are becoming more mobile, so it is important to make your

CRM Buyers Guide – 5 : Vendor Post-Sales Support

After-the-sale support is often where good companies rise above poor competitors. When selecting a CRM solution for your business, it is important to ask

CRM Buyers Guide – 4 : Workflows

Put simply, workflow in CRM provides the facility to automate your business processes. Workflows are triggered when a specified event occurs in the system,

CRM Buyers Guide – 3 : Integration with Other Systems

You need to determine how well your CRM software fits with other systems. It is important that the CRM system you select integrates easily

CRM Buyers Guide – 2 : How Easy or Hard Is It to Customize and Implement?

CRM customization is important because no solution is set up and ready to implement right out of the box. You must research a few