What you need to know about Agile Project Management

What is Agile Project Management? It is an iterative process that is designed to focus on providing customer value first, ensure interaction of teams

Analyze Big Data: Compare the Options

As it becomes not just possible but unavoidable to collect huge quantities of data about your users, the big question is: how do you

24 Most Popular Business Cloud Apps

Companies use an average of 16 cloud apps, SMBs and big enterprise alike. Among the biggest hits are local social networks, web data analytics

How to Integrate Content With Your Social CRM

Your social CRM is all plugged in, set up and ready to roll. But where does content fit in here? Just like any other

Does Your CRM Integrate With Social Media?

CRMs that don’t integrate with social media are getting left behind. When social is such a powerful tool for building email lists, nurturing leads

HR Feature List

HR Feature List : Recruiting / ATS (Applicant Tracking System) This feature enables to track candidate progress from sourcing to hiring. Benefit Administration /Open

HR Buyer’s Guide – 2 : Can The System Meet All Your Compliance Needs?

When you’re looking for an HR system, make sure you’re choosing one that can support you in being compliant with all the relevant legislation.

HR Buyer’s Guide – 1: Identify your business needs – now and in the future

HR employees are accustomed to tending to a business’ hiring, dismissal, performance and compensation needs among others. But while some of what great HR

CRM Consulting – 5 : Engagement Model

You need to know how your chosen consultancy engages with its clients. You know your own support needs best, and you know what kind

CRM Consulting – 4 : Location of the Provider

It’s now more possible than ever before to work remotely, so you can often use a consultant on the other side of the world.